Back There

Dear J-

It’s back to work with me and I’m still digesting that particular tidbit after nine days filled with kids and no time left over. The combination of late nights and later mornings has made me acutely aware that there are only twenty-four hours in a day and any attempt at cheating will be met with swift retribution. You can not subtract enough hours from the day before having a big crash somewhere and I suspect it’ll be work that takes the brunt of it today when my body deciides to siesta after lunch. Stranger things have happened after extended vacations, and only HR knows how much left I am being forced to take this year after having worked the last four being told of the virtues of one week a year.

I suppose the point of vacation is to recharge and refresh but I’m looking forward to work today for the former. The twenty-seventh iteration of the same demand from my game-obsessed daughter makes me wonder if it’s just me being a horrible person for saying no or just the repetition that’s unbearable. We got her what amounts to an electronic nanny for the trip — a Leapster handheld ‘educational’ system (I’m sure it’s effective but so far all it’s taught is how to turn on a movie and watch in the intense manner of the young) — and I can see why the temptation for something like a GameBoy is so high for parents trying to carve more time out of a hollow pumpkin day.

One of my coworkers likes to call the day before coming back to get up to speed on everything that’s going on and now I understand why. When you flip the switch and shut the work part of your brain off even temporarily there’s an awful lot of rust that builds up afterwards. At the moment, between age and responsibilities I can’t even begin to imagine retirement. If you’re supposed to have lots to do in your life then we’d be set right now but what do we go back to after the kids grow up and go? It seems like forever away but we’re already having to make preparations for figgy to start kindergarten in 2012 which is a milestone I thought impressively distant … four years ago.



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