Little Longer


Dear J-

Some times I’ll sniff dirty kid clothes from Sunday because they’ve sweated their sunscreen into the collars and sleeves. It smells like summer to me. We’re slowly working our way back to a slightly more exhausting weekend routine and packing way too much into any given day but we’re not quite there yet. We march to Calcifer’s belly and figgy’s whims (no Shamu! no sharks!) which can make for a long day without the corresponding time expended. At other times you don’t want the day to end and so we’re back to sniffing clothes as a reminder of the day that was. As crazy as she gets, as strangely demanding as the boy is, we are not short of memories.

By the end of the day Sunday we’ve driven around the world twice and spent the next three paychecks on food. There have been a million piggyback rides and games played (they are imaginative games and quite accurate to their source material, often the movies we’ve just watched, but wear a bit in their repetition; there are only so many ways to express the same enthusiasm) and the hours spent in sleep don’t seem to add up. You have so much down time to recharge yourself between, before, and after that if you don’t spend the time you have together gleefully hoping things get better instead you’re only shortchanging yourself. The thousand hours every weekend go by so fast I can’t be blamed for wanting to keep those a little longer.

I have a tough time judging those peple who keep their Christmas lights up a little long. I understand the nature of regret and denial and want to hang on to those feelings maybe a little too long. The way things go around here life moves pretty fast and if you stop to think about it you’ll miss all the good parts. There’s art happening at the same time you keep hoping for more time to yourself so keep your head clear and your eyes open. The laughter you get keeps pealing in my head throughout the week and makes the Monday to Friday grind slip by again.



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