Organizing the Chaos


Dear J-

One of the other nice things about this trip is that, because I traveled on a Sunday, I get tomorrow off. Thus instead of having to brave the traditional Sunday tourist crowds at the places we haunt we could choose to do so tomorrow instead if we want. Today we went to IKEA instead of the usual Zoo or Sea World so I spent part of the afternoon assembling flat-packed furniture while my little figgy assistant ran back and forth grabbing fasteners and pieces on command.

It’s remarkable where she has come from — we used to have to wait for her to nap before attempting to put things together so she wouldn’t get mashed by the odd slab of wood — to today when she was a willing participant in organizing her room, dumping all the toys that had lived on the floor for weeks into appropriately-sized bins and bringing them over as the frame took shape. It all made for a fast hour and a much improved room.

Life is sometimes about taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way. I spend a week away from home and get an extra day back from last week. And right now I can’t think of a better way to spend it than amidst our own domestic splendor.



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