Two Minds

Dear J-

This morning at breakfast the selections at Big Kitchen were appropriately upbeat Motown and I couldn’t help but laugh inside when Mary Wells came on with Two Lovers. It is melodious and beautifully sung but if you stop to think about it the song is really talking about her relationship with an abusive schizophrenic. I’m not going to drum up any false drama by claiming that figgy has any similar serious medical disorder but there are times that I suspect, although I’m sure that’s no surprise to any other parent of a three-year-old.

This particular three-year-old is a force of nature: contradictory and contrary to an extreme but sweet and clingy as well. She is insistent on being right, both that she is right and that you acknowledge it to be so. The portion of a child’s brain responsible for repetition and routine has developed to an extreme level, where we have simply shifted our schedules and buying habits to compensate (after dinner and a bath, marshmallows and a little TV). You may hope to stop her but the best you can accomplish is maybe a little slowdown.

Today after a long day of walking and fair-going (the Taste of Tet reminded me of the county fair, only less expensive, less crowded, more interesting, and better food) I slept a few hard-earned napping minutes on the floor, cheek pressed firmly to carpet while figgy kept running off in her own world, enough distance to remain friendly while orbiting back and touching base with us to make sure we were following. That kid’s heading well beyond us and all our introverted powers have the ability to follow, and I’m so proud already.



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