Ripple Mirror

Dear J-

We broke one of our semi-traditional traditions today and didn’t go to Coronado as we had the past couple of years; the beach is a nice place to seek out renewal and peace on a winter’s day, waves bringing and removing sand indifferently to our efforts.  Although we did get some more sleep than we typically do, it was bought at the expense of figgy’s illness — one of these winter colds has laid her low and so today was unusually quiet.

Calcifer is, theVet claims, smiling at her occasionally.  Thus far all I’ve drawn is a scowl or, more often, a howl depending on how close I am to disrupting his routine of eating and pooping.  His routines, in fact, have dictated our radius of action, and thus we go only as far as the nearest feed-friendly area is (often home, so we’ve gotten to know the neighborhood a lot better lately).  It’s another strike against going to Coronado, though.

The real fun to be had is in looking into the half-size and thirty-years-earlier mirror that is figgy; as crabby as I get, she matches the depths and heights and is generally unafraid of roaring as needed to get her point across.  I suppose that these may not be the most socially-relevant things to be teaching her, but I should probably call my parents to figure out how they dealt with me.  It’s a fine line between crushing the spirit and toeing the line.



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