Long Sun

Dear J-

Is it that I have so much to talk about it’s hard to get out or so little that I don’t want to embarrass myself by saying it?  The weather turned unseasonably warm over the weekend — we were at the Zoo today and rather than face the complete trek through Elephant Odyssey we just turned around and headed back instead, riding the tram twice.  I tried out a new bag that I want to incinerate — it dumped my camera no less than three times.  We went out to see more lights, we ate well, we did everything we normally do on a Sunday.

Difference is I have one week left to run at home.  I get closer to that particular milestone but for now have yet to modify my behaviors to match; at the same time I pride myself on turning into a bit of a night owl (prowling on-line deals for possible gifts, I’ve bid on and won a few LEGO/Duplo train sets) I have developed a terrible, un-coincidental narcolepsy (though we have now watched it twice, I haven’t been able to sit through a complete showing of Shrek Forever After, for instance).  If I’m going to shift back (and that means getting up around 2:30 or so, instead of going to bed around that time) I’m going to have to wean myself onto it this week.

So really a whole lot of nothing today, but a good deal more than I might have expected.  Calcifer seems well-sorted enough to deal with on a daily basis, and we’re slowly demonstrating that out and about with two kids is doable — at this point, only just, but once I go back and theVet has to deal with two, well, that may be a different story.



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