Free Time

Dear J-

It’s the tail end of the day — the weekend — again and there’s a lot to look back over; today was a full day and I wouldn’t have traded the way this weekend went for any other non-test, non-holiday weekend.  From skiving off work on Friday (I kept telling people what a nice break it would be, and I wasn’t kidding — sleep in, take a test instead of trying to smother sixteen different fires at once) to a bit of sanity time on Saturday to the relentless mall crowds today (last year I thought the UTC trick-or-treating crowd was crazy, but it was nothing compared to this year) it seems the only time we get to sit down is in the lee of the day.

I suppose that’s the way of it with kids; your time is not free time and I don’t think I appreciated that growing up, how generously we received everything we didn’t ask for, how wisely apportioned what we got.  There’s lots of things you want when you’re little — toys, cereal, books, other random things that cost money — and I never realized how valuable the time we got instead was even though we never requested it.  There will be hours to fill later on in life, once the kids are grown and out of the house, lives of their own to take care of.  I’m not looking that far forward, though.  It’s today that’s going to echo in October 31sts to come.



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