Monday Night

Dear J-

Pro football is back in our lives tonight and the most interesting thing for me is always seeing what the little tweaks the team chemists have cooked up, and how successful they’ve been. The local Chargers unloaded Antonio Cromartie and LaDanian Tomlinson over the offseason and, to judge by what the Union-Tribune has had to say, good riddance.

It’s interesting, though, as that’s one media outlet that consistently talked up Tomlinson’s contributions both to the team and local charities as though he was some sort of modern saint dropped onto the earth and boy weren’t we lucky to have him, right? And Cromartie’s headline last preseason was about the new work ethic and preparations he was making after a disappointing season; there was a redemption story in the making. Well, all this at least until they were let go by the team and our blessed general manager proved what a mouthpiece the paper was for his propaganda.

I suppose I can’t be overly surprised by what a tool the newspaper has become (hey here’s a great idea: downtown football stadium, maybe on the waterfront we didn’t want the public to have access to anyway) but it all seems so provincial. I suppose we’ve gotten used to life in a kind of island down here in the bottom left corner of America, but we’re starting to get high on our own supply of smug; hopefully we wake up before we take the Chiefs less seriously.



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