Burning Can

Dear J-

One of the best things about having multiple cameras is finding pictures that you’ve squirreled away and forgotten about; with storage so cheap (as Kirk Tuck points out, flash memory is now roughly the cost of film if you decide to treat it as a write-once medium) I’ve developed the annoying habit of hanging on to just about every frame I’ve ever shot sine picking up a camera of my own nearly twenty years ago. Will I ever revisit those days? Likely not, but there must be a film scanner out there that’s got my name and a few spare hours on it somewhere.

I know that there’s still film loaded on some of the old Nikons in the closet; I sometimes debate whether it would be better to fire those off and finish off the rolls or easier to just wind the film back in the can so I can do the instant time travel and see what my life was like in pictures ten years ago.

Right now there’s a can burning a hole in my pocket; I finally managed to crack open one of the disposable cameras we lugged around California (and which is now seeing sterling duty as a figgy toy) and I’m perhaps too excited to see what lies within. Digital has really spoiled us for one hour photo shops; soon is always slower than now, after all.



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