Wound Down

Dear J-

It’s the last day and I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the reality of tomorrow:  it’ll be another long night of class and driving — I plan on being out of the house from 0445 to 2100 — with homework that I haven’t done yet, either, naturally.  I spent most of the day uploading photographs from the trip, which gave me a chance to relive those moments, good and bad, and watch them in great relief and detail (though apparently not enough — I got the count wrong on figgy’s generation, which is now up to three plus three plus two plus one plus two plus one plus one — thirteen).  It was nice to go places this week.  It was also nice to have another day reserved to get out and do things on our own, too, from buying clothes (tomorrow is dress-like-a-cowboy day at the daycare) to watching a movie (Toy Story 3, well recommended to bring some tissues, though).

Better not to dwell on the future, nor wallow in the past.  Now it’s time to sleep and wind this week down gently; the rain earlier this afternoon broke the heat, finally; the past few days I’ve kept adding more and more water bottles to my load (it looks like it’s full of camera gear, but I was down to one extra lens and four water bottles by the end) and we’ve still managed to drain them all dry by the end of the day.  Tomorrow’s going to be fun again in a different way, as long as I make it so.



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