Back Again

Dear J-

Back home and it’s a relief — I do like going places, and Disneyland’s a prize destination, especially with kids in tow, but there’s something satisfying about having things put away and back in your usual bed at night.  Despite all the nice things I can say about the Disney people (hey, I paid them to be so nice), and how wonderful life at the Grand Californian was, I like being here at home hearing the familiar sounds and smelling the right smells too.

theVet tells me that this is just like going to Vegas, but for kids:  park your car at the hotel and don’t jump back in until you’re ready to go, because everything you care to see is within walking distance.  Lessons learned: even if you’re a dedicated non-stroller person, get one for Disneyland.  Don’t think you can head over to shows in the last ten minutes or so.  f/8, 8 seconds, infinity focus, and ISO 100 are good settings for fireworks displays, better if you have a tripod.  Comfortable shoes are a must.  Though they officially prohibit outside food and drink, don’t forget to bring water.  Escape into California Adventure (Animation Studio) at the really hot parts of the day.  And finally — it can be the saddest place on earth just as easily as the happiest if you choose to make it that way.



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