Dark Night

Dear J-

We’ve had a long day — up at 4 and out the door by 5 in order to meet up with the rest of everyone (which turned out to be my parents, an aunt, and a cousin) by 1:30PM or so. I didn’t think I was driving that fast, to be honest, so I’m not sure how we got here this quickly, even with two meal stops. Right now is quiet time as I provide the room with a nightlight while waiting for another cousin to roll in tonight. Strange that I’d work so hard while on vacation.

As soon as we got her out of bed, though, figgy was up — she must have slept as badly as the rest of us last night thinking we’d be on vacation the next day. I’m beginning to understand the need to take time off work (and I had been planning on bringing my pager — ha ha, suckers) and recharge your batteries. It is work. It is enjoyable work.



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2 Responses to “Dark Night”

  1. Larry Says:

    Hope you have a great vacation — wish I could be back too.

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