Day 05: The Return

Dear J-

As it turns out the intimidation was mostly in my mind; we were never in any real danger (strong ropes and strict protocols) but my brain still isn’t able to keep my feet from shaking when placed, solidly or not, on quarter-inch wire rope. I’m glad we went through it, but I’m also glad to be back home where the new normal is watching half a TV program as we keep putting figgy back to bed, picking up the toys strewn on the floor, and dealing with the reality of a nigh-three-year old. Leadership or not, it’s humbling to come back home — sixty miles and a world away — and remind yourself of your true place in the world.

Seriously. I have a friend who was always going to self-help seminars and motivational speakers, which I regarded in the same light as Scientology and Moonies. It seemed so easy to apply lessons immediately and in such perfect support this morning; now I look at it with a bit of rising panic wondering how I could effect change in the world — personal world, work world. Deep breath. Remember this morning, then; remember the steady stream of feedback and information, keep it simple, stay direct, eye contact, panic quashed. Is there really any doubt?

I said that I left Warner Springs believing in the power of the group, and I stick by that assertion. Earlier in the week we didn’t know each other well enough to have even attempted some of those stunts this morning. Throw us together in and out of class, though, and suddenly we’re a well-oiled machine; why can’t that happen more often in real life? I know, sure, this week was real life but it takes on an air of unreality when I try to poke back at it now; much of the growth was internal (a good deal went to my belly) but there are tangible benefits too. Head higher, back straigher, and all the way forward; I am excited to see what and how the changes will ripple through my life.



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