Dear J-

It’s back to work with me this morning; funny how six days away can feel both like forever and never at the same time — the amount of unread inbox junk will make it feel like I’ve been away for years, but my watch only shows a few days have ticked by. At this point it’s too soon to make a judgment, but early results are that the surgeon from Scripps is far better than the one from Sharp (or perhaps the pain management has improved in the last five years), as I remember needing every single one of those days off the last time I had this done; I was mostly back to par by Friday this time.

Perhaps we are keeping her too distracted; yesterday and Saturday we pumped a steady stream of movies through to banish thoughts of the intermittent showers through the day, and the results were that we didn’t catch a single accident before it was too late. Yet I know that it’s the way we should be going about it; I can’t help but think that by this time, the diapers are more a convenience for us than for her, as we’re teaching her nothing new by keeping them on. The next trick will be getting things arranged for overnight, but we can’t look too far ahead at this point.

Rainy days and Mondays — especially when they’re the same — always give me the blues, according to the Carpenters; it’s hard to describe what it feels like to be speeding north this morening. Excitement, perhaps, tinged with dread; apprehension, fear, and optimism. First day of school stuff, then; looking forward to seeing everyone again, but maybe under more pleasant circumstances would be nicer.



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