Future Shock

Dear J-

You take the little breaks where you can; yesterday’s dental appointment spelled a few hours’ relief from having to drag myself out early, rushing back and forth and in a million directions as usual, the usual, the same old usual. The mental health breaks you take are no doubt as frequent as your mind needs; today I found myself wandering through various websites between assignments and watching work pile up on the sides of my desk. Dry run; I keep thinking that real life is going to start again soon.

The New Year is supposed to bring all kinds of personal resolutions and improvements; I get to spend my weeks putting my life on hold and the weekends cramming the rest that’s waited patiently. We overwhelm those short days with life lived large in overcompensation; if nothing else we must find some sort of balance between weekdays and weekends. But are resolutions supposed to be pie-in-the-sky unattainable goals? Or should we always be reaching for the stars instead?

I’m not sure that we can have everything all the time; I keep putting things off in favor of work and its schedule, we choose to defer and delay and misplace our priorities. Our schedules orbit in different planes, occasionally intersecting and burning portentious trails in the sky. As much as we try, as much as we want to believe that reach never exceeds our grasp, the truth is that pursing it all means that everything suffers.



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2 Responses to “Future Shock”

  1. Doug Says:

    I’m with you. 60 hour weeks leave little energy left for real life on the weekends. I am always happy when I start a new show as I think about the freedom that having more money will give us. Then I quickly realize that the amount of energy needed to do 12 hours a day drains me far too much to enjoy the benefits. Weekends become lazy days in bed or on the couch trying to regain the energy needed for another 60 hour sprint.

    • dearJ Says:

      Yeah, the money is nice but you’re right — I have no time left to do anything, like take pictures and take figgy out and about, especially on weekend night shift; I can’t imagine what it must be like for the guys on night shift all the time.

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