Start Trek

Dear J-

I will say this; unlike Enterprise, the new Star Trek movie does a convincing job of making old technology seem old enough instead of forty years on from the original series: nothing’s quite as clunky as those old tricorders and control panels from the sixties, and you’d think that the prehistory would be something more like the difference between, say, a Model T and a T-Bird. I’m still predisposed to dislike the whole movie based solely on the director’s professed lack of Trek fandom (that and the whole overhyped Lost thing) but at least he clearly sweats the details, it’s all I can ask this point.

I don’t want to ride out the rest of the year this way, these few hours left. There’s been enough rancor and bitterness this year already, but I can’t let go that easily, it seems; it feels a little like I’m Comic Book Guy, one eye on the movie, and hands poised over the keyboard to drop vitriol at the slightest mis-step (I always thought that Enterprise was built in the Mars yards, huh), but having to explain yourself (oh c’mon, the Klingons didn’t have a cloaking device until Search for Spock) for years regarding a freakish interest in Star Trek makes me a touch sensitive to opening up this particular piggy bank for all to rummage through.

I suppose that’s the heart of it; for some reason I keep thinking that if something’s worth it, it’s worth keeping obscure; on the other hand movies and TV shows aren’t exactly rare wine. They’re easy enough to get access to, and we all need to learn how to share our toys or knowledge.


P.S.  I fell asleep for the last half hour of the movie — yes, it was late, and yes, I hadn’t gotten much rest all week, but still, you’d think that I’d be able to stay up if the movie was that good.  Was it?


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2 Responses to “Start Trek”

  1. Earlgirl Says:

    Love this post! I’m a Star Trek geek too, I grew up with it. I had such a crush on Picard. I just barely saw the movie over Thanksgiving and fell asleep for the last half hour too! I was a little skeptical, worried that it would mess with the canon, but I thought it was great fun. I’m sure the ending was too, I’m assuming everyone lived?

  2. dearJ Says:

    It helps, if as Ben points out, you realize that Spock going back in time to try to save Romulus creates a little loop that puts this story (and the inevitable sequel) outside of the canon — I think it’s the only way that JJ Abrams could get away with what he has. Consider if Kirk’s dad doesn’t die, how does that affect the cockiness of Jim Kirk as a youth?

    Looking back at it the mid-80s were almost a golden time for Trek, weren’t they? Reruns of TOS, Next Generation in 1987, the classic II-III-IV trilogy … but I’m sure that I’m making myself feel old again.

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