Deadly Poison

Dear J-

As the hours pile up here at work I find myself increasingly tempted by various purchases I know I can’t (shouldn’t, mustn’t) justify.  I said before that with a few extra dollars in my pocket I’d invest it in a college education, but it feels like fifteen years ago and various bits of glass keep calling my name lately.  Trouble is I’ve already spent a small fortune in various shiny bits of silicon dioxide this year thanks to variously expensive moments of boredom leading to google searches.

That’s one of the reasons I love the clubsnap forums — some of the posts inevitably bring up the term “poison,” which I never quite understood until it was too late:  you’d despair that you wouldn’t be able to make anything quite so beautiful until you get your hands on that same piece of glass.  It’s all a lie, of course; photography starts in the brain — the framing and composition tell the story, and though you might believe that you need a particular bit to make it happen, chances are that you’ve always been able to do it all along.

Poison 1
Poison 2
(okay, really, this sub-link I ran across)

I still remember when I was collecting games for the Saturn — one of the ones I always wanted and paid an absurd amount of money for was Radiant Silvergun based on the glowing reviews I’d read.  After I got it on the shelf, though, I popped it in the machine maybe once or twice before shelving it forever — it’s not that it wasn’t a good game, or that I was too afraid of playing it (for the price it could have been minted from PURE GOLD).  It’s just that I couldn’t get good enough fast enough, which frustrated me to no end, great reviews or not.  One thing at a time, then; I’m still struggling with my first poison and don’t need to throw another slug down on top of it.  I think.



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2 Responses to “Deadly Poison”

  1. sarah Says:

    The history on my laptop shows that someone has been looking at purchasing camera lenses. I hope your expensive hobbies don’t rub off on a certain someone I know.

  2. dearJ Says:

    He swears it was research to find out what I was talking about. Some stuff is a slippery slope, unfortunately.

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