Visualization Exercise

Dear J-

I keep thinking of Palm Springs lately; this is right around the time we went last year, and the sultry weather has put me in mind of the desert, with cool nights and blasting days.  Palm Springs was a lot warmer at night, though (the place we stayed had the thermostat set to run the air conditioning wide open, it seemed); coming down through the canyon this morning I could already feel the chill setting in to my hands.  Plus if I keep thinking of Palm Springs hopefully I can remember how those agenda-less days and nights were instrumental in keeping me sane.

On our “date night” (we went with my sister-in-law and her family; we swapped babysitting duties on successive nights) rather than hit up the casino, as they did after dinner, we went to the bookstore to browse magazines; it’s funny, the things you take as little luxuries.  Growing up whenever we had the misfortune of going shopping, we’d usually end up either at the magazine rack or in the computer section (this in the days when Commodore and Atari ruled the department stores, but you couldn’t get any time on the 2600s sitting in their shiny boxes) by ourselves, which seems unthinkable now.

I’d never been to Palm Springs before last year and had an odd view of it, thinking that it would be full of golf courses and old people in ice cream-colored clothes.  Instead I found a lower gear, life lived at a slower pace.  It’s a valuable lesson to hold close this week, before we flip the switch to longer hours (this year it looks like we’ll miss every holiday) on Monday.  Now I close my eyes to let my mind walk me away into the desert somewhere along the shifting sand and broiling heatm feeling the weight slip my shoulders for good.



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