Dragons Fly

Dear J-

The heat broke a bit today; we went to the Zoo and didn’t exactly melt, but we struggled a bit with the wills today. I’ve become inured to the fact that we’re not going to be using the backpack or stroller much — not when the arms are so willing to hoist her up in the air, not when it’s so easy to reject the other conveyances with the rigid back arch to slip out of our grasp. Therefore, both arms need to be free when we head out; I’ve tried using a shoulder bag, but I gave up on that a few weeks ago when one of the straps broke and dumped one of my cameras on the ground.

Dragon Cling 5517 -sm

You have a choice between what you get to hold, then; I did bring along a fair amount of gear today, but didn’t have much opportunity to pull the camera out of its holster or even swap lenses (recall that you will always have the wrong lens on the camera). I did dress like a freak, too — probably twenty pounds of gear, between diapers, water, lenses, and cameras distributed in the various pockets of a MOLLE LBV; that worked well in holding all my gear accessibly, not that I did much accessing. My hands were usually full with child — holding, lifting, and twirling — and to be honest, I’m not sure I missed any opportunities today.



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2 Responses to “Dragons Fly”

  1. warwalker Says:

    Agreed. Snapshot or not, it’s clear you got the picture.

  2. dearJ Says:

    I will say this — once you get over the initial embarrassment of the MOLLE gear it’s an incredibly comfortable way to work; I don’t recall having spent half a day walking around the Zoo and Sea World in humid heat without being worn out, whether carrying bag or backpack, but the MOLLE vest came through for me superbly. Avoid the obvious military-derived look (in other words, stick with olive drab or coyote tan for the pouches) and you won’t look like you stepped off the back lot at Deliverance.

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