Ten Minutes

Dear J-

Boeing is running into issues with their Dreamliner — the 787 — where because of delayed rollout, test flight, schedule slip, they’re starting to lose some of their initial orders.  The philosophy is interesting:  how do you improve per-passenger efficiency and costs?  Boeing chose weight reduction and limited passengers, which helps range, but requires more flights to serve the same number of compared to the super-jumbo 747 or Airbus A380.

Back to schedule, though; business is filled with experts and prognosticators plying their trade as seers; some surely thought that Boeing’s schedule was overly ambitious.  There is no doubt that engineering these huge machines is complex and fraught with risk; the better-planned the schedule, ultimately, the more flexibility you’ll have to execute it.  The 787 is, I think, partially hoist on marketing’s petard; well-timed announcements can disrupt your competitors’ products (see also:  vaporware) as long as you’re able to back up your claims.

Me, I’ve been trying to write down in the last ten minutes of work all the things I didn’t get done so that I could attack them with a fresh mind in the morning.  The list has grown unfortunately long, but since I mostly announce them to myself (yesterday I made the mistake of promising tomorrow rashly), the only fear, uncertainty, and doubt is generated in my mind.



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2 Responses to “Ten Minutes”

  1. Junior Says:

    Oh, end of day list – or Captain Bringdown, as you are more widely known – is there any optimism you cannot kill? Any sense of achievement you cannot blunt with your terrible reality?

    From time to time, I try to make such a list at the end of my work day. I have sat for half an hour on some occasions, still writing, and getting madder and madder at myself for making lists of problems instead of solutions. Argh.

  2. dearJ Says:

    I finally checked my voice mail today, after a week of ignoring the little red light. The damage was less than I expected, seventeen messages, although there was a decided trend (last Thursday’s messages accounted for around ten of those or so).

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