Dad Day III

Dear J-

Father’s Day today — these milestones make pretty useful one-year markers for me. First one, figgy at six weeks and pretty much unformed; second one, figgy barely able to stand but interested in various foods (that was the brunch, I think, where we thought we’d made a shrimp eater out of her); and third one — third one already! — somehow she’s turned into a real little person. She slyly leads us over to the TV and enquires “TV?” — once you confirm with “Do you want to watch TV?” she almost acquiesces, as if thinking that well, if you’re going to be watching anyway: “Yeah, TV, hokay.”

She runs and trips, finding owies in skinned knees and fat lips — at one point we were sure that she was a careful girl, as she was always very cautious about walking. She bullies the dogs, pushing them out of the way yet charming them with hugs given freely and sometimes unsolicited. She tells us to sit, or stand, or cater to the smallest needs as needed (lately she’s been a carb monster; the rice crackers that my parents gifted to us are going pretty fast).

Boho Girl 3581 -sm

And the fourth, next year? I’m always looking forward to seeing what’s next.



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