New Gear

Dear J-

We’ve got the kitchen faucet here, which is less remarkable for what it is than what it is not:  a weeping, leaking mess dripping all over the place and creating corrosion deposits so colorfully amazing I had to stop and take pictures of it once it was out.  Of course, the celebratory hamburger I had afterwards was probably excessive, but at least it stopped me from pursuing random PS3s on craigslist or going slightly mad at the Circuit City liquidation (cameras I don’t need, TVs I don’t need, you know the drill).

It’s not that changing out a faucet is amazingly difficult or worth of extreme celebration, by any means, but it’s all part of my ongoing documentation of the mundane triumphs:  this one’s going up there next to the garage door springs; not as difficult as the garage door opener or the nursery, but some small accomplishment nonetheless.

I may one day be a functioning adult.  It won’t stop those alarm bells from ringing every time I start to take apart things that came with the house; I regard the aluminum doors and windows with a certain wariness and acceptance borne of costs and laziness, and walk gingerly on the undoubtedly saturated carpet.  It’s a never-ending source of projects, but I can’t see myself having enough time to accomplish much any more.



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4 Responses to “New Gear”

  1. Junior Says:

    Never mind. If you have conquered a plumbing task without having recourse to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for cleanup assistance, you sir are – in my books, anyway – a magician. What’s it like to have all those freaky powers?

  2. dearJ Says:

    It surprised me more that the faucet came out so easily — this despite not having quite the right tools and resorting to spreading nearly my entire toolbox out across the floor (I could have used a long 7mm socket — there’s some exotica for you). It’s pretty complicated down under the sink, I have to admit, but my day job involves untangling the spaghetti mess of pipes in the power plant and attempting to understand them. You would not believe the profusion of standards and specifications out there.

  3. roxy Says:

    We just bought that same faucet and for some reason I cannot get the pull down sprayer to stay in like yours. How did you do that? PLEASE HELP!!

  4. dearJ Says:

    Part of it is in getting the weight set up correctly — but that said, our faucet head does droop a little too. Make sure the hose doesn’t snag anything, and put the weight about six inches above the bottom loop on the faucet side, not the supply side — that should help.

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