Year 4706

Dear J-

According to the zodiac, this is now the Year of the Ox — the outgoing Rat had a reputation for being clever but lazy — the first animal to arrive at the Celestial party, but only because he’d hitched a ride on the Ox’s horns, and hopped off at the last moment.  On the other hand, the Ox has a powerful yet plodding nature, having planned for the slow pace by setting off early.  Then again, there are the other stereotypes — bull-headed, bucking bulls, etc. — that I may be confusing them with, but hopefully this Year of the Ox turns out to be relatively quiet; after last year I think we could all use a little break.

I think I read other blogs partly as an aspiration as much as for inspiration — hence the blogroll on the side.  Junior and Doug have proven to be a formidable brother-blog bloc between the Slug and the Heroes; I could read Junior’s anecdotes ad infinitum, and ditto for Doug’s visuals and memories.  Jen impresses me with the kind of naked emotional honesty I tend to conceal through too-glib phrasing, and Darla’s incredibly well-read:  I hope to one day have the breadth of literary comparison to match.  Alexander is the sort of writer and man you wish you could be:  fluent, fluid, and focussed.  Finally Missy shows me the art of parenthood; I am too often distracted to be the father I should be, but patience is an art rewarded by practice, as any maturation is.

When and how does New Year become code for dread, not anticipation?  One of the rituals is that everyone’s a year older on New Year, regardless of actual birth day; it’s hard to imagine that one day marks the dividing line between now and then, but time points ever onward, I suppose.  Me, I find myself crippled some times by regret — now already, where did the time go — and list-making — still left to do:  this and this and this.  New Year is a time to reflect on what’s to come, not to drive up anxiety over projections and predictions.  No one’s got a handle on the future; all I need remember is that we’ve got one more year rooted in past experience to get us over the next hurdles.



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  1. koreanish Says:

    What a huge compliment. Thank you.

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