Dear J-

I keep thinking about interesting projects and not following through; I have yet to modify a bag for on-bike use, the Vest Pocket Kodaks remain intact, and despite lots of paper engineering, there remains little progress towards a “full-frame” video camera (I am kicking around another idea in my head which involves broken equipment and a semi-stealthy approach).  Regardless, everything goes on hold as there’s more important projects around the home, like replacing the kitchen faucet — though I’m still holding my breath over whether or not the shutoff valves will self-destruct once I start tightening them down — and planning for future hardscape within the house.

This morning I woke up too late for the vanpool and ended up, in my half daze, dropping a cat near the big dog’s food bowl, which resulted in some fur loss, a scratched nose, and a fairly steep drop in sanity as I stood there wondering what had changed.  Bean is now over twelve and becoming a bit foggy when it comes to distinguishing threat and intent; plus the separation anxiety is part of the impetus to replace carpet, which is unfortunately absorbent.  Life is just quiet enough that as we contemplate shaking things up, changes unforeseen and unexpected await us despite our efforts.



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