Plucker Fail

Dear J-

I’ll keep trying, but it becomes increasingly clear to me how little technical skill I actually have; here I am trying to convert some books off the Baen CDs using Plucker, and there I go, showing off how poorly I actually follow directions (to be fair, although the site and desktop file both have excellent directions, it may be the timing — doing this sort of thing late at night — that makes it impossible to understand).

It frightens me a little bit; I remember how simple it was to set the VCR clock, and I’m not too intimidated by the TiVo, but am I already reaching my VCR clock-setting point?  I doubt it, but the more I flail and fail at getting what seems to be a simple task accomplished, the more I have to doubt whether I was actually competent at all.  Meanwhile, I contemplate all kinds of tech-y projects like setting up a Linux MythTV box, and I wonder how much of that is a pipe dream.

I’m sure that I can find some way to make it just work.  All the same, I think I’d better stick to the things I know — buttons to press, you know.


P.S.  Well, at least it’s not just me.  First I updated the engine, then I found out it just doesn’t work on Intel Macs, at least not through the desktop GUI.  If I must, I’ll struggle on with the command line.  Or maybe it’s irrecoverable?


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