Dear J-

If witches keep evolving their rides while restricted to staying within that family of dry floor-cleaning implements, would the modern young witch of today be saddling up on a Roomba or a Swiffer?

It’s laugh or cry time, J-.  My 401k seems stuck firmly in reverse (as of today, year-to-date losses are nearly double the amount of contributions over the same period) — expected for someone who’s got a long road ahead to retirement, I suppose, and whose mix of funds leans aggressive.  But still; it takes a certain suspension of disbelief to think that we sat at work today numbly grateful that we have jobs, even with extra hours, in an economic climate like this.

And yet I remain convinced that there’s some other way out of this; the solutions that are being forced on us seem like the motions of a gambling addict throwing one last chip down, put some more money into the situation, that’s precisely what we need.  What did you learn the first time feeling a hot stove?



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2 Responses to “Sub-dow-ed”

  1. Junior Says:

    Oh, in 2K1, the witches would have Reverse-thrust Dustbusters for sure.

  2. dearJ Says:

    The choice of implement no doubt reflects on the personality: a Dyson vacuum, for the flashy modern IKEA-lover; a broom for the retro-grouch.

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