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Dear J-

Short entry tonight; I’m sick and a little sorry for myself as I’m going back to work on Sunday.  With any luck I can wangle a day off or two out of it, but it’s hard to see the upside of working four weekends out of five.

When did the US Olympic Committee become such whiners?  As if leading the medal count isn’t enough, they have to go and issue challenges and request disqualifications when the results don’t go our way.  I understand the persecution complex, but isn’t it more impressive to suck it up and let the court of public opinion try the case?



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3 Responses to “My World”

  1. Junior Says:

    It’s got to be tough, though, to train for so long to succeed at a certain event, and then to see infractions of the rules. I don’t blame anybody for insisting that the rules be enforced at that level.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon…

  2. dearJ Says:

    Guy at work insists that the Chinese athletes are sheer evil because they’re professional Olympic athletes, never mind that, you know, the US has introduced NBA players into the basketball team to avoid the drubbing roundly administered in Seoul, or that pretty much every country now pays medal bounties. Deprived of that point, he insists that the Games are much more politicized and have been that way since Spitz won seven in Munich (hello, Berlin 1936?). The Olympics — the modern Olympics — have been all about battling by proxy and the last refuge of the nationalists to thump their chests loudly insisting my country right or wrong.

    Point is that the rules are the rules, but should be enforced equally regardless of country, and the Netherlands Antilles have an interesting case for overturning Churandy Martina’s DQ in the Men’s 200m — there’s a statute of limitations on submitting protests; thirty minutes after the race is run, the results are final. Spearmon stepped out of bounds and that’s what prompted US officials, in reviewing that DQ, to note Martina’s mis-steps. Same 30-minute rule aided the US earlier at the world championships in 2007 (Michelle Perry), so it only makes sense to apply the rule equally.

  3. dearJ Says:

    Also re: retroactive application of rules, see Paul Hamm, circa 2004. Why does the US seem to catch most of these breaks?

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