Last One on the Raft

Dear J-

I’m most frustrated with squandered opportunities, lately.  Let’s say that you know something new is coming, and you’re not only invited to learn more about it early, you’re also going to get to play with it.  Admittedly, there are products that this would be more exciting with — let’s say, a new 24x36mm sensor dSLR, or some amazing car, bike, scooter, what have you — but just the chance to be an insider; isn’t that sufficiently exciting in itself to let you form some motivation?  You know you’ll get it eventually, so you might as well try to make the best of the opportunity and learn what you can.

Well, our new software program rolled out company-wide today; for me it represented an actual productivity increase (because, after all, anything’s better than nothing).  On the other hand, it does mean that there’s some more work to be done, yes — daily paperwork to fill out, conference calls to jump onto — but on the whole, it’s not like you’ve had a lot of work to do anyway, what with everything coming to a dead stop the last week or two.  But rather than go to the extra classes, rather than keep an open mind about things, you chose to learn the bare minimum in preparation of your self-fulfilling prophecy that the new systems are going to be difficult.

It’s hard to dredge up sympathy when all I’m surrounded by are bad attitudes to change.  I understand that the manager-types have to think up manager-type slogans to justify their positions, including whatever clunky phrases incorporating the positives of change wherever they can, but if they had any kind of communication skill, they’d be able to convince us that they really mean it:  change isn’t bad or good, it’s just different.  And regardless of how you feel about change, when it’s coming you either evolve, or you die.  When they’ve been handing out life jackets and rafts left and right, and you chose not to take them, you’ve lost the right to protest being drowned.



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