Hot Nights

Dear J-

Hot the last couple of days here, nearly cracking 100 F. Go outside and the heat bakes off your brain cells; all you want to do is find a cool spot somewhere and lie down. Still, I remember some summer nights in Boston where the only time you weren’t sweating was when you were in the shower. Lie in bed. Sweat. Get up. Sweat. Those days I had a bus pass and Sundays, could bring along a passenger, so theVet and I found blessed relief in mass transit and theaters.

Little things make life more bearable. Small considerations, gentle courtesies, unsolicited “please” and “thank you” go pretty far as social lubricants. I got a call at home last night from a coworker who was concerned that I seemed down after meeting with the boss. Nah. Work is work and it’s just work, but I appreciate deeply that folks are looking out for me as I imagine I try to look out for them.

And in the end
the love you take
is equal to
the love
… you make

— The Beatles, The End



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