Pending Jury

Dear J-

Tomorrow, jury service.  It’s a break from having to go to work, at least, and I might even have some fun in the process.  Tricky thing is that I still have to find some way to weasel out of it — I get to take figgy for the vaccines on Friday, which will mean missing a full day of work.  This, after getting out of jury service twice already (I was initially scheduled for August last year, which I delayed to the precise week that wildfires shut down all of San Diego two months later; thus, the reprise tomorrow).

We live close enough to the arterials that I’ll be able to take public transit down to the courthouse; with any luck, I should be out without much fuss.  Need to bring book, camera, and possibly some sketching material — looking at the Letus35 website, I’ve already got some plans in my head for something similar — you’d need a porro-prism setup (not sure if it’s before or after the focussing screen), some sort of close-up (achromat, preferably), and extension tubes which I suspect I could either cheat and build up via broken filters or off-brand items.


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